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2021/1 11 01:37

Bitcoin is not in a bubble-Bitcoin is a sewer rat. ItBitcoin mining software for PC lost a leg, its nose was seriously injured in an accident last year, but it is not allergic to anything-in fact it may carry some strains of lymphatic plague, but in its opinion Just the common cold. Such a system is strong, active and stable.

I feel that Ethereum is currently the most prone to bull market cryptocurrency. Mentioning Ethereum is a bit of a grit. So far, almost everyone in the market is losing money. Except for developers, almost no one wants to mention Ethereum. But it feels like it's time to start gnawing on Ethereum a little bit, but don't eat too much.

It is not difficult to imagine that until the famous pizza transaction in 2010, Bitcoin had no "value" in the traditional sense. Before that, it was just a hobby project of a group of cypherpunks who sent back and forth what seemed worthless at the time and later became digital gold. At the time, Bitcoin users didn't know what would happen to Bitcoin's valuation (or eventually be classified as an "asset"), nor how quickly Bitcoin's price would reach its current level.

It is not the first time that Lee has made bold predictions, but according to previous reports, Lee is a well-known Bitcoin bull. In July of this year, Lee reiterated his bullish stance on Bitcoin, claiming that this cryptocurrency could reach between $20,000 and $50,000 by the end of this year. Recently, the cryptocurrency analyst concluded that Bitcoin may end this year's market with explosive growth, citing the correlation between Bitcoin and emerging markets.

Among the 30 project tokens, 12 tokens were not listed on the exchange or only circulated as internal points, accounting for 41.38%. Of the 18 projects listed on the exchange, 12 tokens broke, accounting for 667% of the amount of currency in circulation. The token ALGO of the well-known public chain Algorand, the token XTZ of the public chain Tezos, and the token MXC of the Matcha exchange have all been broken. The anonymous currency BEAM, payment company Flexa's token FXC, and video encoding platform Livepeer's token LPT have not been broken.

In terms of sub-data, large-scale brokerages' long positions rebounded from 492 to 573, recovering the decline in the previous statistical cycle, and short positions further rose from 26 to 30. Broker accounts welcomed the market. After the “wrong” net air-conditioning warehouse had passed before the breakthrough, the latest statistical cycle quickly returned to the situation of taking advantage of the trend. Although the sBitcoin mining software for PChort position has also increased, considering the small base, it is not enough. Cover up the considerable increase in long positions of such accounts in the latest statistical period. It can be considered that this wave of acceleration of BTC has dispelled the doubts of large institutions about the possibility of further opening up space in the market outlook. Such accounts, as long-term firm long supporters, are expected to become a source of motivation for BTC to further rise in the future.

On the evening of December 16, Beijing time, the price of Bitcoin finally broke through the 20,000 U.S. dollar mark, entering the second stage of the bull market. In this bull market led by mainstream financial institutions and large companies, mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin have been highly recognized. After breaking through the 20,000 US dollar mark, Bitcoin continued to rise all the way, reaching 21658 US dollars at 10 am Beijing time on the 17th.

The first goal is to increase transaction throughput on the mainnet... We recently discovered a client-side optimization method that may significantly increase the block gas limit while maintaining a low uncle block speed. This optimization is a modification of the way the Parity client broadcasts blocks (discovered by Alexei Akhnov).