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2020/12 22 58:38

AccordingWhich stores accept Bitcoin to the official announcement of HBTC, HBTC will launch nyfi at 20:18 on December 08 and open the nyfi / usdt trading pair.

According to whallealert data, at 05:34 Beijing time on December 12, tether company issued 150 million additional usdts in the wave field network. The transaction hash is ef7626a264925d046be27b11c69daf8c78f387917766a0b180df6f6620b4241f. Paolo ardoino, chief technical officer of tether, said the wave field network replenished the stock of 150 million usdts. This is an authorized but unpublished transaction, meaning that the amount will be used as inventory for the next issue request.

According to the currency world market, as of 10:00 today, the top three net capital inflows are BTC (+ 182 million US dollars), ETH (+ 29.1193 million US dollars), LTC (+ 5.7551 million US dollars); the top three net capital outflows are: fil (- 4.5628 million US dollars), dash (- 2.9245 million US dollars) and Iost (- 1.8176 million US dollars). -More capital flow, fast on the currency world, click the market to see the flow of funds.

And announced the market maker's (coinbase) market making scheme to further improve the trading volume. The minimum requirement for participating in the market maker program is that the AMV of a trader in the past 30 days after adjustment must be greater than a certain threshold. The score will be calculated based on the AMV of the current month at 8:00 a.m. on the last day of each month. Eligible participants can collect the corresponding transaction fee from the first day of the next month. In December, the minimum AMV to meet the market maker plan was US $500 million. Participants can measure whether they meet the minimum requirements based on the sum of the following three adjusted trading pairs, which are 15 times of the trading volume of low liquidity and new trading pairs, 10 times of the trading volume of medium liquidity trading pairs and 1 time of the trading volume of high liquidity trading pairs.

2. DFI index of currency World Research Institute: dex153.80 (+ 11%), derivatives 171.41 (+ 9%), lending 154.01 (+ 8%), prophecy 124.92 (+ 6%).

Newsbtc tweets that if BTC clears the upward barrier near $16200, the next major resistance level will be around $16450 and $16500. Breaking through $16500 could open the doWhich stores accept Bitcoinor to greater growth to the $17000 level.