What is the price of Bitcoin

2020/12 22 58:37

According to coindesk on December 11, the Bank of India has once again started business with specific crypto exchanges. Top institutions such as the State Bank of India, credit and Investment Bank of India, HDFC bank and yes bank are allowing their customers What is the price of Bitcointo use bank accounts for cryptocurrency transactions. In addition, people familiar with the matter said the banks were further providing facilities for the cryptocurrency exchange.

According to coindesk on November 28, the New York Times published a review of coinbase's internal diversification policy. Some former employees complained that they had been treated racially or discriminatively. The report details several cases of alleged discriminatory practices, including racial stereotypes and misconduct surrounding the hiring and promotion of black employees. It is reported that coinbase was aware of this potential event in the process of fact checking on Wednesday. It has issued an article to clarify the negative reports of coinbase planned to be published by the New York Times in the next few days, reminding the public of the upcoming negative events, and saying that it will continue to shape a diversified corporate culture.

On November 24, curve, the stable currency exchange platform, announced the progress of the project governance, saying that the proposal to add the Zec anchor currency wzec and renzec fund pool has been passed, and the bitcoin anchor coin PBTC from the ptokens team has been added through a metapool. In addition, proposal scip17 proposes to use community funds to include CRV in Bancor's new liquidity mining program. At the same time, the distribution management fee (close to $3 million) has reached the quorum. After the vote is passed, it will be distributed in the form of 3crv (LP token of tripool).

It was also down 9% in the closing. The double top seems to be about to be completed. In fact, combined with the overall market sentiment, the price retreat of ADA may also be a short-term performance. Trading volume did not significantly shrink, the situation of long covering position may appear at any time.

1. Okex officially opened to withdraw coins at 16:00 today, and compensation and feedback activities will begin in succession.

According to the special analysts of ourbit integrated platform, the public opinion of BTC contract is optimistic, with the long view accounting for 42%, the short view accounting for 21%, and the wait-and-see attitude accounting for 37%. Please pay atWhat is the price of Bitcointention to the operational risk.

Rely on chainlink (link) Oracle to obtain external data. According to the introduction of syn, or other commodity centers, the platform allows users to make short positions, including multiple assets.