Bitcoin node

2020/12 16 02:17

1. The total value of the global Bitcoin nodedigital money market is 466.7 billion US dollars (- 1.81%), and the 24-hour trading volume is US $49.042 billion (- 10.66%).

According to the block on November 30, genesis, an over-the-counter trading platform for bitcoin, has recorded record trading volume. Data show that the over-the-counter trading volume of the platform is more than six times higher than the peak in 2017. Michael Moro, its chief executive, said the company saw far more purchases from institutional investors than in 2017.

Yang Zhou, founder and CEO of PayPal finance, recently disclosed that PayPal financial has submitted an application for asset management license in Hong Kong, which will help PayPal finance become the entrance between traditional financial institutions and crypto investment. Once the application is approved, PayPal aims to raise $1 billion in investment, Yang said.

Wave network Market shows that BTC short-term rise, breaking through 18200 usdt. It is now reported at 18203.14 usdt, up 2.35% in 24h.

Eth contract is now quoted at US $596.81, a discount of US $1.11 compared with the spot price, up or down by - 1.17% in 24 hours. The trading volume was 2.377 million hands and the turnover was 70.6646 million US dollars. The current total position was 193.38 million hands, which was 94000 hands more than that of the previous trading day.

According to the paypers, sebabank, a Swiss bank certified by FINMA, has begun to accept two new digital currencies, bitcoin cash and usdcoin, into its digital ecosystem. Sebabank customers can use these tokens in all services, including transactions, digital escrow, French currency loans against BCH collateral, and earning interest from usdc. Sebabank is constantly adding new currencies. Currently, the legal currencies supported include Swiss franc, US dollar, British pound, euro, Hong Kong dollar, Singapore dollar and Polish zloty, and the sBitcoin nodeupported cryptocurrencies include BTC, ETH, LTC, XLM, BCH and usdc.

Gray LTC trust positions increased 51689 LTC, an increase of 7.20%, and the total position reached 769611 LTC. This explains why investors are so keen on LTC and quickly pushed its price from around $60 to a high of $73. The impact of institutional admission on the market is intensifying, and investors need to hold the relevant currency to wait for the price to rise. Today, four wonderful programs will be broadcast soon. The programs include position management, trading strategy, hot spot analysis, science popularization of new technology, and analysis of banker's ideas. Please look forward to them.

According to official information, AMM is the first integrated application of the whole network based on NFT & defi to decentralize the exchange & auction house FSExA.ORG The whole network mining will be started within 48 hours. The platform token FST was issued in the Tron public chain network. After the liquidity mining was started, the,