What happened to the Bitcoin price

2021/1 11 01:23

Dongqu reported that although the police claimed to have arrested Chen Zihan, the founder of PlusToken, as many as 2500 bitcoins were transferred from PlusToken’s two main addresses in August; the source revealed to Dongqu that the number of those arreste

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Bitcoin unlimited

2021/1 05 28:01

All BCH balances on the bitfinex platform are credited to bchabc and bchn. Bchabc / USD and bchn / USD can be traded.Gate.io As the first exchange built-in live broadcast function in the industry, the live broadcasting room brings in depth, interesting an

The history of Bitcoin mining

2021/1 05 27:59

BPL is an upgraded form of zero knowledge encryption. Zero knowledge proof allows one party (prover) to prove the truth of a statement to the other (verifier), without disclosing any information beyond the validity of the statement itself. For example, gi

mt gox bitcoin price

2021/1 05 27:58

In addition, based on the 30 minute cycle transaction monitoring, 512 large orders were bought, accounting for 37.05%; 502 large orders were sold, accounting for 36.32%.At present, there are many new communities emerging in Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou and

Bitcoin gold price

2021/1 05 27:57

BTC fluctuated in the afternoon, fell short-term below 17400 usdt, the lowest fell to 17338.82 usdt, and then rebounded. In the evening, BTC continued to rebound and pull up, returning to above 18100 usdt for a short time, with the highest rising to 18172