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2021/1 28 04:43

The Bitcoin ahr999 hoarding indicator is currently: 783 is in an unfixed investment range, and it is not recommended that the hoarding party make a fixed investment. Let's look at the short-term market first: the short-term swing indicators, KDJ, RSI, are all at a high level, and there are shocks, sideways, and even declines to repair the demand for high indicators. The trend indicator MACD high Jin Cha is still opening up, and it is in line with what we have often seen before, this wave of upward trend line. The short-term support of today's rising trend line is at $18,670.92, that is to say, today's closing price falls below this position to be counted as the end of this upward trend. The probability of falling below this position today is extremely small, especially with the blessings of this year's agency cattle and buffalo. Since the entire 312 rebound and rise, a single-day decline of more than 15% has not appeared. Therefore, the probability of a short-term plunge below the support level is extremely small. In the later stage, the market chooses shocks and flats to repair various indicators with great probability, and even has the conditions for shocks to regain decline. Therefore, the suggestion is to follow the suggestions at the beginning of the article for full positions. Don't be greedy. You should go for risk control and deleveraging. This take-profit band position locks profit and the take-profit part of the band position locks profit first. For short-term operation, look at the picture below: the upper, middle and lower tracks of the 4-hour Bollinger Band have also been realized by the explosive market. Therefore, even if the market does not step back on the decline to repair the indicator, the probability of oscillating sideways to repair the indicator is high. However, in operation, the currency friends who took profit should pay attention to the first support level at 21179-21068 knives, the second support at 19922-19336 knives, and the rest is the short-term support of the rising trend line at 18670.92. Knife. The above support levels, stepping back and stopping the decline are good opportunities for currency lovers to get on the car and increase their positions. In particular, the short-term support level of the rising trend line is 18670.92. As long as the closing price does not fall below it, you can increase or cover positions wherever the decline is stopped. Today, due to time reasons, let me make a simple analysis of mainstream currencies! At present, mainstream currency friends are waiting for the expectation of supplementary increase, but how does this supplementary increase expectation come from? The part of my article yesterday on the analysis of the supplementary gains of mainstream currencies was also very clear. That is, after Bitcoin continues to break through the previous high, the large flow attracts new investors, retail investors, large investors, institutions, etc., with incremental funds rushing in to speculate Bitcoin, speculatRemote Bitcoin mininging, and discovering that the price of Bitcoin is already high. However, there are other currencies besides Bitcoin, such as Ethereum, which is the second largest in market value, and newly issued altcoins. At this time, after Bitcoin's single blood-sucking effect began to weaken, it was the turn of mainstream coins, new mainstream coins, potential altcoins, and new high-quality altcoins to soar.

When terrible things happen to the traditional system, Bitcoin is good, because supporters can claim that Bitcoin can solve this problem! Although some supporters have mixed the robustness of Bitcoin itself into the Bitcoin-friendly Meme, when a terrible incident occurs in Bitcoin, it will also benefit Bitcoin because this is just another manifestation of the robustness of the Bitcoin network.

The first concept is called Newton time. It is Newtonian mechanics, which is a concept of time in classical mechanics. In classical mechanics, time is actually a vassal of space. This time is homogeneous, reversible, and uniform. In other words, if the formula about time in Newtonian mechanics is reversed in the variable of time, the formula is also valid.

At 10:12pm on October 10th, Beijing time, SV mining pool dug its first BCH block at block height 55185. Coingeek and Nchain said that hundreds of miners have already registered in this mining pool, and 223 have registered in advance as early as September. The public registration of the mining pool will be opened in the middle of this month.

Constantinople's upgrade requires a so-called hard fork to complete. This upgrade includes modifications to reduce the number of block rewards, code execution, and data storage. The active nodes of the Ropsten test network need to implement these changes at the same time, otherwise they may split into two independent blockchains.

Daniel: Hello, everyone, I am Daniel, the founder of acBTC and its developer NUTFinance. I used to have an entrepreneurial and venture capital background. acBTC builds a DeFi solution that is safRemote Bitcoin mininge, easy to use, efficient, and friendly to Bitcoin holders. acBTC achieves the above goals by synthesizing the underlying cross-chain assets, plus the application layer's optimized design for BTC.

GUSD was announced by the Gemini Exchange and is subject to supervision by the New York Financial Services Authority. GUSD is a stable currency anchored to the U.S. dollar at 1:1. Being regulated by the U.S. government means that account funds will be audited every month. If there is a problem with the account, the U.S. government can freeze and other operations through law enforcement. It is reported that Gemini is the world's first licensed digital currency exchange.

ETCDEV is one of the main development teams of ETC Ethereum Classic. The team focuses on distributed computing and provides code and related operations for the ETC blockchain full-time. They have participated in the development of many ETC core projects, including ClassicGeth, Emerald, SputnikVM, Orbita, etc. The ETC official website calls it: the best contributor to the Ethereum fork.

Daniel: This is particularly normal. The reason for saying this is that the underlying BTC lending protocols currently supported are not optimized for BTC, resulting in the current low efficiency of BTCDeFi. The underlying lending protocol is the foundation of an asset system financially. At the same time, there is no effective hedging mechanism for cross-chain costs, so part of the BTC is stuck in Ethereum. In the future, part of the BTC will stay on Ethereum steadily, and the other part will enter and exit quickly to meet liquidity requirements. This is the normal state.

Chamath Palihapitiya, founder of venture capital firm Socialcapital and former Facebook executive, invested in Bitcoin as early as 2013. At that time, the price of Bitcoin was only $80, and Palihapitia claimed to own about 5% of the entire Bitcoin circulating supply base.