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2021/1 19 51:12

The author believes that the leading role of BNB will not end in the short term. With the development of Binance Launchpad, Binance Chain, and BNB over-the-counter use cases, Binance’s leading role will continue; OKEx and Huobi will also be used in exchanges and blockchain industries. Continue to expand the business, so the future practical ability of the platform currency does have a certain guarantee. However, the short-term BNB profit is relatively large and the upside difficulty increases. It is very likely to choose a callback. At that time, OKB and HT are expected to callback with them; but in the long run, platform cBitcoin price usdurrencies, especially BNB, are currently the best investment projects on the market One, the short-term decline can be entered at discretion.

It is undeniable that Bitcoin is involved in many scandals of underground transactions (but it is also because of underground transactions, such as arms smuggling, drug sales, etc., that Bitcoin has an anchor of use value-Renmin University International Monetary Research Researcher Qu Qiang once wrote: As of 2016, the scale of the global illegal underground economy exceeded 15 trillion U.S. dollars, even surpassing the entire annual GDP scale, second only to the United States. If one-tenth of it, or even one percent, One-thousandth of illegal transactions are carried out in Bitcoin, and the economic scale of Bitcoin's initial anchoring is also quite amazing.), and the rise and fall of prices. But who can deny that Bitcoin is not a great invention?

Libra is a synthetic currency unit based on a basket of currencies. The Libra Alliance claims that Libra will have stability, low inflation, universal acceptance and fungibility. It is expected that Libra's currency basket will be mainly composed of US dollars, euros, pound sterling and yen. The price of Libra is linked to the weighted average exchange rate of this basket of currencies. Although it does not anchor any single currency, it will still exhibit low volatility.

The creation of the SEOS/EOS market will enable speculators to set a 30-day commissioned CPU or net bandwidth interest rate. Speculators make money by accurately predicting future price trends and help inform the network of reasonable rent levels. In addition to rent, holders of the network and REX also profit from this transaction volume.

By definition, an option contract contains five basic elements: strike price. The purchase and sale price of the subject matter specified in advance when the buyer of the option exercises the right. Royalties (premium). The option price paid by the option buyer is the cost that the buyer pays to the option seller to obtain the option. Performance bond. The option seller must deposit the financial guarantee for the performance of the contract in the exchange. Call options and put options. expiry date. The last date an option contract must be fulfilled.

As can be seen from the above table, even if the public chain processes 100 million transactions per day, a thousand-bit TPS is sufficient. Currently, the blockchain is transitioning from development to a high-speed blowout stage. Using Ethereum as a reference, the current peak value remained on January 4 at the beginning Bitcoin price usdof this year, with 1,349,890 transactions, and yesterday's transaction volume was about 760,000. At present, the speed of 30-40/transaction per second in Ethereum really needs to be improved. The next stage of V God is to explore hundreds or even thousands of TPS solutions.

One of the harshest critics of the Bitcoin reserve currency model is Eric Voskuil. In an article on Libbitcoinwiki, he reviewed the economist Saifedean Ammous's view that Bitcoin is a sound reserve of commercial banks or central banks, just like gold used to be a currency reserve.