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2020/12 22 58:33

Today's panic and greed index is 90 (yesterday's 8Bitcoin Revolution App9), the degree of greed has increased, and the level is still extremely greedy. Note: the panic index threshold is 0-100, including indicators: volatility (25%) + market trading volume (25%) + social media popularity (15%) + Market Research (15%) + bitcoin's proportion in the whole market (10%) + Google hot word analysis (10%). Click the market price in the currency world app and click the panic greedy index above to view the historical trend and interpretation of the index.

As a strategic support unit, chainup and Kaiyuan mining pool will be invited to attend beyond-2020 blockchain Industry Conference and annual award ceremony held by lieyun Finance on November 24.

2. High transparency, decentralized account book is open, anyone can view transaction records, high transparency, more convenient for supervision;

In terms of market conditions, today's defi token rose generally, and the top three increases of Defa currency on okex platform were PNK, waves and trade;

Makerdao has now passed an enforcement vote on renbtc and uniswap token uni as collateral. The vote also reduced the stabilization fee of USD stable currencies (usdc, tusd, Pax, GUSD) from 4% to 0%, and raised the stability fee of yfi from 4% to 10%. In addition, the yfi-a parameters were modified to increase the debt ceiling of yfi-a from 20 million Dai to 30 million Dai.

When the user creates Bitcoin Revolution Appthe contract, it will be transferred to the user's transfer from transfer function;

1. The total value of the global digital money market is US $561.292 billion (+ 3.98%), and the 24-hour trading volume is US $56.615 billion (- 15.92%).

Meng Chundong, CMO of taiyiglobal & Youdun wallet, said: in order to better serve global customers, the international version of Youdun official website has been officially launched. At present, it has supported customers from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, the United States, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and other countries and regions to register for use. The international route will be the key development direction of Youdun wallet in 2021. Technology has no national boundaries. I believe that udn wallet will not only be the best in China, but also will be invincible in the international market.