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2020/12 16 02:18

According to coinhills data, the US dollar has dropped to 67.47% of the current bitcoin to French currency transactions, still ranking first; yen ranks Bitcoin prices onlinesecond, accounting for 23.56%; won ranks third, accounting for 2.87%; euro (2.71%) and Turkish lira (1.23%) rank fourth and fifth.

In addition, based on the 30 minute cycle transaction monitoring, 299 large orders were purchased within 24 hours,

Compared with the data of dearch, the total amount of dearch in the month was about $2.6 billion, a decrease of about $2.6 billion compared with the data of the block research. Although monthly trading volume in the uniswap market fell from US $11.2 billion to US $9.91 billion, the past few months have been dominated by uniswap. Curve's trading volume fell from $5.2 billion to $2.43 billion.

Wave network Market shows that BTC rose slightly, breaking through 18000 usdt. It is now 18006.87 usdt, up 0.64% in 24 hours.

Payment giants visa and MasterCard have stricter checks on encryption companies than other card issuers. Visa and MasterCard's encryption partners must provide detailed information about fraud and money laundering checks before they are allowed to provide encryption services to customers. Pavel Matveev, chief executive of WireX, said visa would use tools such as chainalysis and elliptic to investigate individual transactions to determine whether the source of the transaction is legitimate.

Eth followed BTC's retreat faster, and most currencies showed obvious downward trend, that is, the reversal pattern was confirmed within 2 to 3 trading days. Judging from this, the recent adjustment is also a relatively important price form. Not surprisingly, pull the plate to rise larger XRP, XLM and so on will adjust more trading days, will stabilize in the support level. So it takes patience to buy these cBitcoin prices onlineurrencies. When waiting for the price fluctuation to slow down, consider the low suction field.

On December 4, NFT project investment roadshow jointly sponsored by candaq, nftbase and Liandu was held in Wuhan. Cryptoart participated in the roadshow and had in-depth exchanges with investment and trading institutions such as candaq, Delin capital, SNZ, FBG, BIGone, sevenx and block power.

14%, the average short position ratio was 18.08%, the long position was temporarily ahead, and the leading number (net position number) was 7800 eth.

Launched by WBF exchange, the special live broadcast program of watt Thanksgiving season, her era and future, will officially open on November 26, In this activity, Golden Finance partner & node consulting CEO Tong manager, anypay founder jiu'er, huoxun finance co-founder Zhao Yidan, newbloc founder summerzhang, star vision co-founder Nancy, Youdun wallet chief brand officer Elsa, koala finance founder Dai Shanshan and other female blockchain entrepreneurs were invited to discuss the upward force of women in the new era and share the blocks Market insight of chain industry.