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2021/1 13 27:50

Bitfinex has recently moved towards Tether neutralization, breaking its special relationship with Tether (the most reliable way to convert USDT into U.S. dollars), and Tether, which currently has a circulation of close to 2 billion U.S. dollars, had to re-establish a new direct exchange channel. Those who still want to exchange through Bitfinex will have to trade at the market Universal Bitcoin walletprice, but recently the market price has been lower than the pegged price (1:1).

The price of DAI is basically anchored to the price of USD, but the price of ETH is one price per day. If it goes up, everything is fine. If it goes down, what should we do? If it falls to a certain range, who will guarantee that the price of DAI remains anchored to the US dollar? This requires an institution to ensure that the excessively high risks in the system are cleaned up, leaving high-quality assets with high mortgage rates to maintain the stable currency ecosystem.

Samson: The concept of taint also comes from this. We often hear that some coins are dirty, and some coins are cleaner. The former refers to coins that are used on dark webs such as the Silk Road, so they are called dirtycoins; the latter is cleaner and refers to coins obtained from exchanges such as Coinbase or legitimate methods such as mining. However, such a distinction between cryptocurrencies is harmful to ecological development, and it is difficult to constitute a sound currency.

ETH options mainly appeared in March 2019, when Derbit launched Ethereum derivatives on its exchange, including options, futures and perpetual contracts. About a year later, after the Bitcoin halving and the general rise in cryptocurrency prices in 2020, Ethereum options have become the main development aspect of the altcoin field.

On June 26 (Friday), the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group's nominal trading volume exceeded $1.7 billion (more than 30% higher than the previous record). Although CMEGroup announced at the end of the data update that its bitcoin futures product "institutional investor interest continues to increase," the weekly COT report data of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) actually tells a more subtle story : The interest of institutional investors decreases, and the nominal value (nominal value refers to a way of marking the value of non-monetary assets. In the derivatives market, the nominal amount is generally used to mark the size of the transaction or the market. Both long and short positions) are at the largest Increased concentration among Bitcoin futures traders.

Libra is a decentralized blockchain newly launched by Facebook (an Internet company covering 2.7 bilUniversal Bitcoin walletlion users worldwide), a low-volatility digital encryption currency. Compared with Bitcoin, Libra defined by Facebook seems to be more complete and closer to the people. According to the description of the Libra white paper 1.0 released by Facebook on June 18, 2019, Libra not only has to issue a new digital currency, but also has a set of governance systems that match the mission and vision of inclusive people's livelihood. Is that really the case? Let's take a glimpse of some key concepts from the Libra white paper.

Daniel: The private key security of the Lightning Network is the same as that of Bitcoin. It is enough to manage the security of the node server. There are a variety of private keys in the Lightning node, each of which has different uses, such as the private key for establishing funds, HTLC, and the private key for punishment. They are all derived from a seed, and the seed can be protected.

So far, RSK's performance has fallen below investors' expectations. According to data from Crunchbase, RSKLabs, the company behind the RSK project, raised $7.3 million in venture capital. In addition, RIFLabs also raised 20,000 bitcoins during the token private placement phase. RIFLabs and RSKLabs have merged to create IOVLabs. To make matters worse, there are now more and more projects building interoperability between Bitcoin and smart contract blockchains, which means that RSK's competitors are increasing.

But in the past 10 years, the ratio of gold price to CPI has only fluctuated between about 3 and 8. Although the fluctuation range of this ratio of the most ideal inflation hedging tool should be narrower, the fluctuation range of the ratio of gold price to CPI is much lower. There is room for fluctuations in the ratio between Bitcoin and CPI. Herbert believes that Erb's analysis has brought Bitcoin proponents a valuation model that can be used to estimate the fair value of Bitcoin. Herbert pointed out that there must be other more convincing valuation models, but in this hyped investment field, Elb's quantitative analysis through statistics and mathematics may be more rational.