Striped Bitcoin

2021/1 13 27:48

Bitcoin's bull market hit the cryptocurrency market in early April, when Bitcoin set its highest single-day increase on April 2, with a price increase of more than 15%. However, due to the lack of specific funding sources, this surge is considered temporary, so the bull market volatility in May painteStriped Bitcoind a more vivid picture, showing a trend of recovery after a temporary correction.

While the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and various funds are arguing about ETFs in the United States, the Swedish company XBT supplier has successfully run a Bitcoin ETF called CoinShares. It is available to European investors in multiple countries and has raised more than US$1 billion since 2015. Listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (a major Swedish exchange).

Stellar is another network on the list. It has chosen to handle about 1,000 transactions per second. According to the project’s founder JedMcCaleb, it can easily scale to larger transaction volumes. However, just a few days after LightningLabs announced the beta version of its Lightning Network, Stellar announced that it would integrate it, making it one of the first platforms to publicly announce the integration of the Lightning Network. is a typical representative of the errors of the Internet era, and it should be able to provide a lot of experience and lessons for cryptocurrency stakeholders. The advent of the Internet encourages companies to direct e-commerce to consumers. tries to sell pet supplies online, just like Amazon sells books online. The company has also attracted venture capital, which has boosted its market value.

About a year ago in Deconomy, I publicly called CraigWright, a scammer who claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, and finished with the question "Why is this scammer allowed to speak at this summit?" Why did I say nothing to him? Explanation of meaning.

On April 6, the privacy-focused cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) forked its protocol to maintStriped Bitcoinain the equality of the Monero mining ecosystem. However, this hard fork resulted in the emergence of 4 different Monero blockchain branches, which all claim to be the original Monero.

Before preparing for the initial public offering, Tomahawk and Laurance used various beautifying methods to package the project in a high-return and low-risk manner, claiming that the project's profit came from future oil production, and fabricating the property rights of Tomahawk drilling in Kern County. Laurance is packaged as a "successful citizen with a perfect background", deliberately hiding his criminal conviction and personal bankruptcy experience. Tomahawk makes a lot of similar false propaganda on its website and in the white paper, and it also builds momentum for it through a bounty program. Because of its suspected fraudulent initial public offering and illegal sale of securities, there is a serious illegal act. But investors simply don't know. Legal supervision can curb the behavior of illegal subjects to a certain extent, but the law also has its shortcomings. The case law lags behind, and supervision also lags one step behind. Therefore, investor education is particularly important. The purpose of case analysis is to make investors more vigilant at the level of legal supervision.

"CRYPTO" is not the first crypto-themed movie launched by Hollywood. As early as 2016, Hollywood launched the Vietnamese thriller "BitcoinHeist" (BitcoinHeist), which has a rating index of 20 on the Rotten Tomatoes website. In addition, there are more and more movies or documentaries with the theme of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Xiao Cong has compiled five representative, well-reputed, and highly-rated documentaries and movies to share with you.

Brian Armstrong's appearance on this list may not be too surprising. As the founder of Coinbase, he was exposed to Bitcoin earlier than most people. In 2012, Armstrong founded Coinbase, when Bitcoin was only $10.