Make Bitcoin great again

2021/1 11 01:36

The adjustment range of the traditional capital market is smaller than that of cryptocurrency. In addition to the mature business model and legal system guarantee, policymakers can implement counter-cyclical adjustments in extraordinary times or when the market fails, and the government can use the visible hand to stimulate the economy. Even rescue the market in the stock market. The cryptocurrency market is currently a completely free market, and there Make Bitcoin great againis no intervention in the rise and fall of investors. The optimism and pessimism of investors will be several times larger than that of the traditional capital market, so it is prone to skyrocketing and falling prices.


The total market value of digital tokens this week was US$172.7 billion, a decrease of US$3.3 billion compared to last week, a decrease of about 1%; the average daily trading volume was US$55 billion, an increase of 1.4% from last week, and the average daily turnover rate was 31.0% , A decrease of 3% from last week. The current price of BTC is US$5,089, with a weekly increase of 1.0% and a monthly increase of 30.3%; the current price of ETH is US$167, with a weekly decrease of 0.5% and a monthly increase of 26%. The exchange BTC balance was 760,000, an increase of 4,972 from last week; the exchange ETH balance was 9.49 million, an increase of 30,000, and the short-term selling pressure increased slightly.

The advantages of Schnorr signatures have been discussed in detail in the cryptocurrency community, and the signature algorithm can theoretically improve scalability by reducing bandwidth and storage by 25%. If the protocol is combined with concepts such as transaction mixing, the Schnorr solution can also provide benefits in terms of transaction privacy.

On November 13th, PayPal, an overseas payment tool with 300 million users, opened up cryptocurrency transaction services to US users. At the same time, the user’s weekly cryptocurrency purchase limit was increased from 10,000 US dollars to 20,000 US dollars. Currency direct investment.

April 2014: The British exchange Coinfloor released its first solvency report. Unlike other existing Bitcoin exchanges, they will always insist on Make Bitcoin great againpublishing a report every month. Last month, they released the 60th report, which is far more than the sum of all other exchanges;